Soul Awakening Project








5 Weeks , learn how to experience

breathwork, its process and integration.


This class is a 2 part class, it is limited to the number of participants, for optimum experience

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7:00pm-8:30 pm


$177.00 per part



















Paula Rowe


Espira Method of Healing Practioner

Espira Method of Breathwork Teacher

Private and group Breathwork Sessions


Soul Coaching,

What is soul coaching? Do you have a dream , a feeling? Are you doing life in a robotic way, inconsciously moving from

one thing after another and still something about it all just doesnt feel right, Do you have a sense of anxiety,or impending doom.Or are ready to break out & Do your life completly  free from all social conditioning. Be free from old beliefs.

Maybe , just maybe your being knudged, pushed , or even feeling

shoved to make changes and everytime you daydream about it your joy bubbles up to the surface, only to be sqashed down again,We

all have a soul, spirit, higherself, that is now more than ever tryingto get

 our attention, follow your dreams ,wake up to reality, true freedom is the pay off, you deserve it , you desire it, and only you can make it happen.We are moving into a soul based way of life.Come along for the adventure of Soul Journey.


Fee for coaching and Breathwork  are determined at time of agreement .
I try to make it possible for anyone who desires healing and  awakening ,reguardless of finanical situations.    Namaste 



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BREATHWORK SAVED MY LIFE! I had a definite death wish for the first 38 yrs of  my life and that until I met Paula and starting breathing,I didn"t know what it was and didn"t believe I could possibly enjoy life ever.The day I discovered that I was a joyful spirit,it took my breath away.Then, I also started the Espira Training with the group and it opened a world of possibilities and knowledge. Answers, it brought  me so many answers. It still helps me today in my teachings and understanding of the journey of Life.Paula was my hero and always will be the voice in my head telling me to breathe. I remember her saying on the first day "baby,you will have to walk back away from the mountain, and it won"t look so gigantic & scary anymore"I am forever grateful to her for giving me a second chance at life.

Johane Rutledge